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February-6 -2005
Main Features Of The Geology Of Syria
"Unique Structures in Northern Arabian Plate"

And Some Main Syrian Archeological Sites.

In 7 days during Eastern Holiday 2005.

Organizer Prof. A. Kh. Al Maleh

Prof. Of Sedimentary Petrology & Sedimentary Basin Analysis

Geology Department, Damascus University


June-16 -2004
Of the last dinosaurs
An Article by Ammar Khammash from the Jordan Times - Weekender.

May-16 -2004

A Cretaceous Dinosaur from the Syrian Arab Repablic
By: D. A. Hooijer

Download PDF (230 KB)


April-5 -2004

International Engineering Conference (IEC) "Mutah 2004"

The conference will deal with various topics one of them will focus on the Dead Sea Studies, man made problems and possible solutions.



July-20 -2003

Two papers submitted by Prof. Najib Abou Karaki:


Slip rate on the Dead Sea transform fault in northern Araba valley - Jordan (1.4 mb) more...

Seismic behaviour of the Dead Sea fault along Araba valley Jordan (820 kb) more...





January-16 -2003

From the National Geographic, Vol. 187, No. 6, June 1995, page 88


Satellite Revelations


These images are computer-generated perspectives and were created from high resolution satellite images "draped" over a digital terrain model. These images feature the Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, Jordan River and the regions around it.



December-19 -2002

From the Jordan Times, December 18- 2002, page 6


Future of Dead Sea — 'history will judge us'

By Mutaz Mango


outlining government action and suggesting possible solutions to the water-shortage situation and improvement of the environs of the Dead Sea more...






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